Pictures of Events Pictures of Events NEO on Locust 4th floor St. Louis sky line while walking to the food buffet line 180453568 Fruit & Cheese Station Mike & Jenice New Years Eve Wedding Reception 2009 64470098 Fruit Display outside Luau Wedding Reception in Londell, MO 9017703 Elegance at Quail Ridge Lodge Wedding Reception at Quail Ridge Lodge in Wentzville, MO 3713518 Fruit Display Wedding Reception Columbia, MO 3713462 Fruit Basket Luau Wedding Reception Columbia, MO 3713438 College Graduation Party Pacific, MO 3713467 Smores Bar Boehmer Wedding at Bridgeton Banquet Center 167587951 Luau Wedding Reception Gorgeous wedding in Columbia, MO 3713484 Elegant Wedding Reception Machinist Hall, Bridgeton, MO 3713479 Elegance with Black, White & Raspberry Casino Night or Wedding Reception Machinist Hall Bridgeton, MO 3713480 Another Display of a beautiful fruit basket Maryland Heights Community Center Wedding reception 3713473 Wedding Reception Machinist Hall Bridgeton, MO 3713477 BBQ UAW 325 Hall Smell those pork steaks 3713474 Relish Platter 3713465 93.7 The Bull Cruzan Rum Sponsor Fruit Display for the Kick Off Party of Kenny Chesney 3713503 Bassmaster's St. Louis Chapter BBQ at Mark Twain Lake for fishermen after a long day on the lake 3713499 Billy Greenwood & Staff from 93.7 The Bull 3713498 BBQ ready to fire up that pit Our pit and staff will travel to your event 3713512 93.7 The Bull Kenny Chesny Concert Catering for the staff and marketing department 3713502 Our staff enjoying their jobs Do you think they enjoy their jobs? YES 3713491 93.7 The Bull Staff 3713509 Quail Ridge Lodge Wedding Reception Quail Ridge Lodge in Wentzville, MO 3713523 Holiday Ideas Cheese, Pretzel, Sausage & Spicy Beer Mustard. Holiday Salad Bowl 3713464 Mark Twain Lake BBQ Mark Twain, MO 3713522 Sweeties To Go at 93.7 The Bull 93.7 th Bul Event 3713506 Staff hard at work You have the event we have the staff 3713541 Chocolate Fountain and Dippings Wedding Reception chocolate bar 3713544 Holiday Platters 3713460 Cheese, Sausage Fruit Platter 3713530 Kmart Employee Party 3713542 Appetizer Party Cheese platters, shrimp display, strawberries in a lovely trifle bowl 3713531 Casino Night Elks Afton, MO ChiChi, LLC Event Planner 3713545 Casino Buffet Dinner Elks Lodge Afton, MO 3713532 A Mock Champagne Drink Wedding Reception Ladue Church Hall 3713529 Wedding Reception Barrington Downs Barrington Downs Clubhouse Florissant, MO 3736568 Bassmaster family waiting to dig in 3713513 Christmas Luncheon UAW Hall 3713543 South Grand Mardi Gras Party These seniors had a blast at the Florrisant Civic Center 3713548 Normandie Country Club BBQ Fundraiser for Breast Cancer 3713527 Spooner's Anniversary Party Clubhouse Party Chesterfield, MO 3736066 Turkey Breast Carving Station Clubhouse Party Chesterfield, MO 3736084 Appetizer Display Wonderful fresh vegetables and fruit display at a open house reception 9017696 Would you believe this is a cookie cake? Check out our Pastry Chef's website Sweetie's to Go 3736582 Pelican Fruit Basket Wedding Reception in Springbluffs, MO 3736584 Luau Wedding Reception Liondell, MO 9017700 Davis Wedding Reception Gorgeous head table setting Lake St. Louis clubhouse 34852222 July 4th Whole Hog Roast House wedding reception 9017699 DePriest Wedding Reception - Shrewsbury Ballroom Elegant reception, color scheme of black, pink and white 6477666 Outside Wedding Reception Springbluff, MO 3736569 Another great employee Setting up our presentation for another event for a csino night event 3736585 DePriest Reception - Shrewsbury Ballroom Head table and buffet line 6477639 Sampling Event at 93.7 Bull Weber Grill with 93.7 the Bull had a live audio interviews for their spice selection 3897897 DePriest Bridal Table at the Shrewsbury Ballroom The decor and color scheme was fantastic. 6477667 Ford Retirement Party Hazelwood Bowl Party Room 4325310 Graduation Party at the Millham home Fruit display 5901185 Casino Night St. Ann Community Center Northwest Chamber Of Commerce Casino Night 3736586 Sampling Event for Weber Grill Demo for Weber Grill's new spice selection. 93.7 the Bull staff did the taste test 3897908 Sampling Event on a very windy day in St. Louis The hit was the Gourmet Burger Weber Grill Event at 93.7 the Bull was our bbq tasters 3897909 Fruit Tray 7567965 Retiree that likes to fish Hazelwood Bowling Alley - UAW Retiree Party 4325311 Hazelwood Bowl Retirement Party 4325294 Appetizer Birthday Party St. Peter's MO Art Center 34852219 Appetizer Party St. Peters Cultural Art Center 34852220 Davis Wedding Reception Lake St. Louis - True Elegance 34852223 Graduation Party at the Millham home Pelican Fruit Basket 5901184 Davis Wedding Reception Food Buffet Lake St. Louis clubhouse 34852226 Davis Wedding Reception Lake St. Louis 34852227 Anniversary Party Florissant Elks Club 5901177 Graduation Party at the Millhouse home Shrimp platter 5901180 Wedding Rehearsal Dinner at Home 9017695 Oliveras Wedding Reception Hawk Ridge Clubhouse 40684019 Tikii Bar Luau Wedding Reception Liondell, MO 9017694 Hawk Ridge Clubhouse Oliveras Wedding Reception 40684020 Emro Buffet Line - Overland VFW Hall 6477665 Hawk Ridge Clubhouse Lake St. Louis Oliveras Elegant Black, White & Pink 40684021 Graduation House Party Meat Platters, Fruit Display, Appetizers and all the trimmings 40684022 St. Peter's Cultural Art Center Birthday Party 34852221 2009 Graduation House Party Hazelwood, MO 40684023 Kemp Museum Appetizers, cheese trays 44622865 Wedding Rehearsal Dinner 9017652 Wedding reception 44622867 Graduation Party at the Millham home Congratulations Dr. Jordan Millham 5901183 Wedding Reception St. Peter's Elk's Lodge 44622868 Fruit Display 9017697 July 4th Fuit Display at 30th Birthday Party Qauil Ridge Lodge 44622870 Oberbeck Guest Tables - UAW Hall 6477663 House Party Wildwood, MO 9017698 American Station Mike & Jenice New Years Eve Wedding Reception 2009 64470096 Antipasta Station Mike & Jenice New Years Eve Wedding Reception 2009 64470097 Fruit & Appetizer Display Pineapple Salsa 9017657 July 4th Whole Hog Roast 9017654 Intimate Fruit Display 7567896 Italian Station Wedding Reception with stations 64470099 Luau Wedding Reception Liondell, MO 9017693 Italian Station Mike & Jenice New Years Eve Wedding Reception 2009 64470100 Mexician Station Mike & Jenice New Years Eve 2009 Wedding Reception 64470101 Table Layout at Luau Reception 9017705 House Party Poolside for entertainment 9017655 Luau Wedding Reception 9017656 House Party by Poolside 9017701 Groom from Boston Fenway Park Sweeties To Go did this beautiful cake 9017653 Emro Wedding Reception - Overland VFW Bridal Table lights up a very elegant hall 6477664 Fruit & Appetizer 9017704 Mosley Wedding Cupcake stands Cup Cake Set up Maryland Heights Community Center 90353556 Under the tent of guest tables 9017707 Wedding Reception 90353554 Cordes Wedding Reception Elegance at Maryland Heights Community Center 14206216 Soderman Wedding Reception Knights of Columbus Hazelwood, MO 13157472 Soderman Dinner Buffet 13157504 Knights of Columbus Hazelwood, MO 13157473 Soderman Wedding Reception 13157474 Gale Candlelight Wedding Reception Shrewsbury Ball Room 14206233 Cordes Wedding Reception Black & White Reception at Maryland Heights CC 14206234 German Cultural Society Grand Room Very beautiful room for a wedding reception 18382212 German Cultural Society Grand Room 18382213 Cordes Head Table Maryland Heights Community Center 14206235 Appetizer Wedding Reception 18382214 Nichols Appetizer Wedding Reception Church in Clayton 18382226 Nichols Appetizer Wedding Reception Fruit, vegetables, cheese, olive kabobs 18382216 Our bartenders really do work... Waiting for the event to start 3736583 Nichols Appetizer Wedding Reception Cheese board with preztol rolls 18382215 Wedding Reception 90353555 Mosley Wedding Cupcake Display Cupcake lighted glass stand Maryland Heights Community Center 90353557 Fruit Display 90353558 Wine & Whiskers Tony LaRussa Bleu Moon Appetizer at event 90353559 Mosley Wedding Cupcake Display Excellent idea for cupcakes 102259517 Wine & Whiskers Appetizers Blue Moon - Carol Buck really liked these appetizers 90353560 ARF Event Debra and Tony enjoying the fundraiser 90356745 St. Martin De Porres Fr. Wallish Celebration 90356744 Fruit Display Sheldon Preservation Location 90356746 Mosley Wedding Cupcakes 102259518 ARF Event Debra & Mike ready to serve the guest 90356747 Wedding Reception Maryland Height Community Center 102259519 Wedding Reception Fresh vegetables so pretty 102259520 Wedding Reception 102259521 Bleu Moon Appetizers Excellent pairing with wine 102259522 Pagano Wedding CBC High School 102263556 CBC High School Pagano Wedding Reception 102263557 Pagano Wedding Reception 102263558 CBC High School Wedding Reception 102263559 Anniversary Party 102263560 50th Birthday Appetizer party Look at those shrimp Mahler Ballroom 114461936 Bleu Moon Appetizer Mahler Ballroom 114461937 Appetizer party 114461938 Fresh Vegetable display 114461939 Appetizer Display Mahler Ballroom 114461940 Cupcake display Mosley wedding 114461941 Wedding Reception 139121282 Wedding Reception 139121283 Mt. Pleasant Winery St. Louis Chef's Wine & Country BBQ 139121284 St. Peter's Art Culture Venue Girresch Wedding 139121285 Black & White event 139121664 Festive Party 139121665 Third Degree Glass Stock wedding 139121666 Quail Ridge - Luau Shrimp with Remoulade Sauce 143653635 Quail Ridge - Luau McCole Anniversary Party 143653636 Quail Ridge - Luau McCole Anniversary Party 143653637 Quail Ridge - Luau McCole Anniversary party 143653638 Quail Ridge - Luau Tiki Bar with Debra at McCole's Party 143654312 Quail Ridge - Belly Dancers McCole Luau Party with Belly dancers 143654313 Dessert bar Caramel Apple Cupcakes and cake Pops 144492933 Dessert Bar Destiny Church Christmas Celebration 144492934 Dessert Bar - Destiny Church Caramel Apple Cupcakes and cake Pops 144492938 Caramel Apple Cupcakes Destiny Church Christmas Party 144492939 Cake Pops.. Destiny Church Christmas Party Dessert Bar 144492940 Maryland Heights Christmas Party Carving Station at MHCC employee party 144563903 Maryland Heights Community Center Christmas Party for MH employees 144563904 Maryland Heights Community Center Christmas Party for MH employees 144563905 Shocklee Wedding at Quail Ridge 157982872 Shocklee Wedding at Quail Ridge Quail Ridge with the Shocklee Family 157982873 Jones Wedding Reception Gorgeous view of the lake from their dinner tables 157982874 Jones Wedding Reception Guest dinner tables under the tent over looking the lake view 157982876 Jones Wedding Reception Guest dinner tables 157982875 Jones Wedding Reception Sit down dinner under the tent 157982877 Jones Wedding Reception Sweetheart table for bride and groom over looking the lake view 157982878 Jones Wedding Reception Bar under the tent 157982879 Jones Wedding Reception Jones house reception - appetizers prior to sit down dinner 157982880 Smores Bar Smores Bar set up the staff had a blast making smores for the guest instead of wedding cake 167587952 Smores Bar instead of wedding cake Boehmer Wedding 167587953 Smores Bar Gals Boehmer Wedding Reception at bridgeton Banquet Center 167587954 Fruit & Cheese Display RBO customer appreciation party 171944223 Fruit & Cheese Display RBO customer appreciation party 171944224 Cucumber Roulades w/Smoke Salmon 171944225 Vegetable trays 171944226 RBO Customer Appreciation Party Tents supplied by Premier Rental 171944227 Magic Chef Mansion Haberstroh Wedding outside of the mansion house 172879649 Haberstroh Wedding Appetizers at Magic Chef Mansion before dinner 172879650 Haberstroh Wedding Magic Chef Mansion near the Carriage house 172879651 Haberstroh Wedding Magic Chef Mansion 172879652 Kirkwood Train Station Surprise birthday party 172879653 Caprese Appetizers 177172064 Appetizers 177172065 NEO on Locust Barry wedding guest tables 180453569 NEO on Locust 4th floor St. Louis sky line at Barry wedding 180453570 Staff at NEO on Locust Staff getting ready for Brook Barry's wedding 180453571