Corporate Events Corporate Events Talbot's Grand Opening Lake St. Louis location 11789279 RBO Customer Appreciation Cucumber Roulade with smoked salmon 172091378 Tony LaRusso Benefit for his cause of the dogs 114463259 93.7 The Bull Cruzan Rum 11789280 93.7 The Bull Cruzan Rum sponsor 11789463 Cruzan Rum Clear Channel Radio 93.7 The Bull 11789453 RBO Customer Appreciation Pty Fruit and cheese display 172091376 93.7 The Bull Cruzan Rum with Kenny Chesney 11789300 Catering for Weber Grill Test marketing their new spices 11789979 RBO Customer Appreciation Pty Smore bar 172091375 93.7 The Bull Staff 11789464 Weber Grill Corporation Firing up the grill for Weber Grill on their new spices 11789978 Clear Channel Staff Cruzan Rum Event 11789465 Clear Channel Staff 11789454 Talbot's Grand Opening 11789299 BBQ Creve Coeur Park Berkshire Management Employee BBQ 13157336 Creve Coeur Park 13157343 BBQ for Employee Picnic 13157337 Creve Coeur Park 13157338 BBQ Pit in action for picnic 13157339 Staff setting up pavilion for dinner 13157344 Luau Pool Party Side Dishes Pineapple Salsa, Hawiaan Ambrosia, Sesame Seed Slaw, Maui Pasta Salad 47780329 Village of Wyncrest Luau Pool Party 47780328 Berkshire Management Employee Picnic 13157340 Berkshire Employees dinner is ready 13157345 Famous Choo Choo Cupcakes Special treat for Thomas's little friends 16863900 Here comes Thomas 16863909 Thomas the Train view of downtown St. Louis 16863902 Thomas the Train's Catering by Georgianna's staff ready to feed Thomas the Train's guest 16863901 Thomas teh Train's Engineer Scott 16863903 Thomas guest waiting for a ride 16863866 Passenger trains for the event 16863865 Kid's enjoyed themself in the play area 16863905 RBO Customer Appreciation Appetizers 172091377 There is Thomas 16863904 Our famous BBQ chef for Thomas the Train He BBQ'ed for over 12,000 guest, used alot of charcoal... 16863906 Bleu Moon at LaRusso Benefit 114463257 Catering by Georgianna Engineer staff That BBQ sure looks good 16863867 Kid's play area 16863908 Sweetie's To Go made this car Pastry Chef Lisa did a wonderful job on this Austin Healey car, to pretty to cut. 17325288 Austin Healey Board Meeting 17325287 Thomas guest getting off the train 16863907 Village of Wyncrest Luau Pool Party 47780326 RBO Customer Appreciation Party Premier Rental tent, bar set up and tables and chairs for RBO's guest 172091379 Peggy's Christmas Wish List Item 17325290 Austin Healey Car Show Hyman LTD was the location for the dinner, talk about some awesome cars 17325289 Hyman LTD The show room was just unbelievable, this was one of my favorites. 17325274 Village of Wyncrest Luau Pool Party 47780327 Tony La Russa's Event ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation) 114463256 Wine & Whiskers Tony La Russa event 114463258 Hamilton Church Hamilton Church last event prior to closing 177171259 Hamilton Church Veggie Station 177171260 Hamilton Church Dessert, Fruit & Coffee Station 177171261